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Guitar or Bass


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*(E.G. Floyd Rose, Evertune, Kahler, Steinberger, Strandberg)
**add $15 for extended range, multi-scale, or 12-stringed instruments

Other commonly requested service fees are available on our price list.

Instrument Setup Frequently Asked Questions

A guitar “setup” refers to a service where-in a trained professional will evaluate the instrument’s condition, perform light general-maintenance and cleaning, and then make tailored adjustments to best fit the player’s needs.

Regular setups are not only an important part of protecting your guitar or bass from damage, but they also help you to play and sound your best.

There is a common misconception that a setup is a cure-all for any instrument woes: In fact, the scope of a setup is limited to evaluation of the instrument’s condition, a cleaning of the dirt and debris consistent with normal usage, and the performance of routine maintenance and adjustments. It is the final step in dialing in an otherwise healthy instrument and tailoring it to the player’s needs.

If the instrument has been abused, neglected, suffers from fret work issues, has nonfunctioning components, etc., additional work will most certainly be required before proper setup can be achieved. Additional work would be quoted in accordance with our publicly posted repair price list.

  • Does your guitar seem more difficult to play than it once did?
  • Has your guitar started to buzz recently?
  • Does the guitar seem to be constantly out of tune even after you tune it?
  • Are your strings corroded and the fingerboard filthy?
  • Are you using a heavier or lighter string gauge than was installed at the factory?
  • Are you playing the instrument in an altered tuning?
  • Has your guitar remained in its case, unplayed, for months or longer?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, you are likely overdue for a guitar setup. Many players choose to have their guitar maintained regularly, before they notice any problems, in order to always have their instrument playing as good as possible. 

First we evaluate the instrument. This allows us to determine whether the instrument is in good health, that it is “setup-able”, or if additional work will be required.

Next, we consider the specific concerns and requests made by the client, such as desired action, string gauge, tuning, etc. The goal is to tailor the instrument to your liking. We are happy to offer guidance when warranted.

After the above, we set about the “work” portion of a setup that is outlined at the top of this page.

All prices represent the estimated cost of labor. Parts and strings are not included, but may be added when needed. Prices are shown before local tax.

Once in shop, setups and other small jobs are usually turned around within 2-3 business days. Larger jobs will take longer and require evaluation before an estimated turnaround time can be given.  
If you need a shorter lead time, for an additional fee, most basic jobs are eligible for a rush service appointment.

Many variables effect your instrument. This includes: climate, frequency of use, playing style, method of storage, etc. All of these factors can impact how often your guitar requires service.

For the average casual player, light to moderate usage, we recommend having your guitar looked at 1-2 times per year.

Those that play for several hours a day, or perform regularly, may prefer more frequent visits to the shop.

Regardless of playing time, an instrument that is subjected to major temperature and/or humidity changes is likely to need more frequent maintenance.

No matter how long it has been since your last setup, you should always have your guitar looked at as soon as you notice a problem.

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