Instrument Evaluations

Instrument Evaluations

Make sure that your instrument is playing its best!

For beginners and professionals alike, music making is challenging enough without unnecessarily fighting the shortcomings of an instrument that isn’t up to the task!

Guitars and Basses are deceptively intricate pieces of equipment; A seemingly minor issue can make a world of difference in the instrument’s playability. As such, we recommend having guitars and basses professionally evaluated and setup regularly. 

When it comes to newly acquired or rediscovered instruments, an evaluation is a great first step towards ensuring that they are capable of providing years of enjoyment. No pressure or gimmicks, just our honest opinion based on years of professional instrument care and maintenance experience.

All Evaluations Include:

How It Works:

We set to work on your guitar or bass the moment you schedule an appointment. When booking, you will be asked some general information about the instrument and the service requested; This information helps point us in the right direction. If necessary, we may follow up via email to request photos or further information.

Upon arriving for your appointment, we will briefly assess the instrument, its maintenance history, your preferences and style of play, as well as any specific concerns that you have. You will then be e-mailed  a detailed claim ticket with an estimated cost for all work prescribed. All quotes are based off of our extensive repair price list, so you know that you are being treated fairly. 

We aim to perform service “up to a standard” rather than “down to a price”. During the course of repair, we prefer to do what is necessary to get your instrument performing its best. As such, minor changes to the initial estimate may apply. However, should anything major come light, we will contact you for authorization before performing the additional work.

Why We Charge A Bench Fee:

In shop evaluations are subject to the shop’s minimum bench fee of $60. For our most basic services, this fee may be the total price of the repair. For larger services, it is included in the listed price and is not charged separately. On rare occasions, should the client choose not to pursue the prescribed work, we reserve the right to collect the bench fee to cover the time spent diagnosing your instrument. 

We aim for the highest quality service; Quality work takes time. In order to return jobs promptly, the shop accepts a select number of appointments per day. Between correspondence, evaluation, and research, we routinely spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour on an instrument before the “real work” even begins. We charge a bench fee so that we are not forced to compromise on the effort spent giving a thorough examination.

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