Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Bridge Reglue

The bridge truly is the heart of an acoustic guitar. Typically made from a piece of wood such as ebony or rosewood, it is glued to the guitar’s top, where it serves several critical functions. When strung to pitch in standard tuning, a set of light gauge acoustic guitar strings exerts about 160lbs worth of tension upon the instrument. Since the strings are attached to the bridge, this pulling force is partially transferred to it. Though guitars are designed to be able to resist that force, if there is any weakness in the glue joint connecting the bridge to the top, it can fail.

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Vintage Acoustic Guitar Pickguard Replacement

Many acoustic guitars manufactured from the late 60’s through the mid 80’s utilize acetate or celluloid plastic pick guards glued directly on top of bare wood. An unfortunate concern with this technique is that, with age, the pick guards have begun to shrink and degrade. This is similar to another common affliction of vintage instruments: The breakdown of plastic tuner buttons. As many of these instruments have attained a degree of collectability far above the manufacturers wildest expectations, expert repair is often warranted to save these fine instruments.

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Making An Acoustic Guitar Saddle

The saddle is a vital part of an acoustic guitar. Protruding above the bridge, it is one of the primary action adjustment points for the instrument. Without a well made saddle, proper setup will not be possible. Though they can be made from many different materials, for this article, we will be focusing on the process of hand cutting a new acoustic guitar saddle out of a piece of bone.

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Taylor Guitars Expression System 2 Upgrade

Taylor Guitars Expression System 2 (ES2) pickup design is the latest in Taylor’s ongoing innovation in acoustic guitar amplification. The heart of the Expression System 2 is Taylor’s patented behind-the-saddle pickup, which features three uniquely positioned and individually calibrated pickup sensors. The location of the sensors is designed with the intent of capturing more dynamic range vs other pickup types.

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Guitar Humidification

It’s easy to forget that wooden musical instruments are made of materials that were once part of the trunks of living trees. In their past life, their function was to transport water from the tree’s roots to its leaves. Towards this end, wood is what’s called “hygroscopic”. This means that the moisture content will change depending on the relative humidity of the surrounding air. When humidity increases, the wood absorbs moisture from the air causing the wood to expand. If the humidity decreases, it releases its water into the air and the wood shrinks. Though a fascinating marvel of the natural world, this property does present a complication for owners of musical instruments. 

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