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Electrosocket Modern Telecaster Jack Plate

The Electrosocket screw-in style jack plate offers an improvement on the side mounted style of jack plate that is popular on Fender Telecaster style electric guitars. The purpose of a jack plate is to hold the guitar’s output jack stable so that it can support the guitar cable. When compared to the traditional design, the Electrosocket is better able to handle the stresses of cable insertion and removal, eliminating a common cause of crackling / intermittent signal to your guitar amp. 

Telecaster Cup Jack

Telecaster Side Mounted "Cup Jack Plate"

The traditional Telecaster jack plate consists of a metal ferule, or cup, that is mounted into a 7/8″ hole in the side of the guitar. The cup is sandwiched between a metal retainer clip on the backside and a mounting nut tightened from the front. The design hasn’t changed much since its use on Leo Fender’s prototype Esquire and Broadcaster guitar designs in 1950.

Though in use on countless instruments, a common critique of this design is that it has a tendency to loosen up with repeated use and cannot be easily retightened without the use of special tools. The recessed nature of the cup may also be incompatible with certain types of wireless systems. The electrosocket jack addresses these issues.

Electrosocket Jack Plate Installation

The Retainer Clip Visible Inside The Hole

To begin, we first unscrew the nut that holds the assembly together. Once loose, the cup will come right out and the jack itself can then be pushed back inside the instrument’s control cavity where it will be out of the way.

The retainer clip will now be visible, pressure fit into the walls of the recess.

Retainer Ring With Removal Tool Behind

Removal or installation of the retainer clip is aided by a purpose built tool. The smaller portion of the tool is attached to the back of the clip, through the control cavity, while the main body of the tool remains outside. Once in position, tightening a bolt squeezes the retainer clip, applying even pressure, freeing it from the wood without damage.

Jack Mounted and Ready For Installation

After retrieving the jack from the control cavity, it is fed through the hole and screwed into the threaded center of the electrosocket jack plate.

A nut or lock washer can be screwed onto the jack before mounting to help control the amount of the jack’s threads that will protrude from the front of the jack plate.

The Finished Installation

Once the jack is secured to the plate, the assembly is screwed into the body using the included mounting screws. The screws grip into the sides of the hole for a secure fit. Should one ever wish to return to the original style of jack plate, these screw holes, hidden underneath the jack plate, will be the only evidence of the work.

The finished mounting is sleek and secure. This quick mod is highly recommended for instruments that see heavy use. It can be retrofitted for a small fee the next time your instrument is in the shop for a setup or during a pickup swap.

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